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Type 2 Slurry Patching

Type 2 Slurry Re-surfacing Application

3/8" in thickness on average 

Thoughts that matter...
Pavements surround our everyday lives with out us even noticing.  Usually we execute our daily tasks and recreations with out any sort of a thoughts regarding the surface we walk, ride and or drive on. We tend to think about pavements when they are damaged, diminished or develop vehicle & trip hazards.  This negative thought process towards pavement is exactly what we all want to avoid.  We want our family, friends, and patrons alike to always be comfortable and not thinking in such a way.
CW Slurry Seal Inc. specializes in preventative maintenance that will allocate longer life and correct flaws with in your pavement.  With trained professionals led by three genrations of pavement knowledge, CW has developed a finely tuned process in catering to all sectors of the market. Whether you are a business owner, general contractor, property manager, city manager or homeowner, CW can precisely diagnose and execute the correct solution in rehabing your pavement to avoid any uninviting circumstances that would involve the people that mean most.

"If you have the will, CW will provide the way"